Response to COLA’s “Position Paper”

The Nightly Texan will be writing on this issue shortly (in the next couple of days). Until then, please read the excellent response the graduate students of American Studies have given to CoLA’s “position paper”.

University of Texas at Austin American Studies Grad Forum

On June 4, the Office of Research and Graduate Studies of the College of Liberal Arts (COLA) released a statement briefly outlining its new policies regarding graduate student time-to-degree and doctoral student funding. It released this statement 36 days after Associate Dean Esther Raizen informed various COLA departments about these new policies via department-specific emails direct at department chairs and graduate advisers. It provides little-to-no new information and fails to clearly address the various problems American Studies graduate students have levied at it. In fact, it introduces several new problems, further evidence of the fact that the proposed policies are shortsighted, poorly considered, and ultimately untenable.

The Policy Publicly Summarized

In the new statement, COLA argues that it hopes to reduce graduate student time-to-degree to an average and median time of 6.5 years, .75 years less than the average time-to-degree between 1989 and 2013 and .5 years less than the…

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