Shared Governance and the Graduate Student Assembly at UT Austin: More on Shared Services

Student Activity Center, UT Austin

Student Activity Center, UT Austin

On April 30th 2014, the Graduate Student Assembly passed a resolution on Shared Services at UT Austin,that asked that the plan *not* be implemented until resolutions in its favor had been passed in all legislative bodies on campus. The resolution can be viewed here.

G.R. 14(S)12-In Support of Not Implementing Shared Services at UT until pilot data have been assessed

The resolution was controversial splitting the house, but was passed 17 to 5, after numerous amendments and extended debate. The main argument concerned whether graduate students or any legislative body at the University had the “privilege” to give final vote or be involved in executive decision making at the University. Some students considered the resolution “arrogant” because it assumed that Shared Governance structures had (or should have?) such power. However, the authors of the resolution argued that if campus feedback is to mean anything it should mean that the stakeholders involved are actually convinced of the proposal. The proponents of the plan should have no trouble getting students, faculty and staff to pass resolutions in support of the plan if evidence demonstrates that it is a reasonable idea.




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